Our Teikei system is new! Here is how we propose to implement the system now, but this may change depending on how the system develops.


1. Consumers purchase a basket for 2000¥


2. They can receive the basket at their desired time on a first come first serve basis*

*Our farm is small and we grow a variety of vegetables to match the seasons. We may not be able to provide your basket at your first desired time because of demand from other members. We will also only be able to provide the vegetables that are in season at that time


3. Baskets can be delivered on farming days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) within the area shown on this map. For deliveries outside this map, please contact us for details


Teikei members are encouraged to work within their own communities and create one drop off point for the farmer (example: Friend A is the drop off point, and Friend B and C collect their baskets from Friend A's house)


4. Pick up of baskets is available most days by appointment near Senbon Marutamachi