A happy, healthy life is centered upon what we put into our bodies. That is why we are driven to producing delicious, chemical free, accessible vegetables. However, organic farming is not easy work, and we need the support of our community to succeed.

By joining our Teikei community, you are providing the support we need to grow organic vegetables and create a better food system in Japan. By paying for your produce in advance, we are able to gather the necessary materials for our farming and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our work. When extreme weather or other unpredictable circumstances damage crops, the support from Teikei members helps us regroup and continue our work.



purchasing baskets

To become a member, a minimum of 5 baskets must be purchased. Baskets are ¥2000 each. If you are in Kyoto for a short period, or if you’d like a trial basket before registering for the Teikei system, individual baskets may be purchased at ¥2500.   




basket availability

Due to our mountainous location, we are not able to farm during winter. Although dates may vary depending on the seasons each year, the first baskets will be available in late April or early May, and the last baskets of the year will be available at the end of December. Baskets are available on a first come first reserved basis. Reservation is not required, but recommended to ensure you get your vegetables when you would like.


Vegetables are usually harvested on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For the freshest produce, we recommend reserving your basket on a harvest day. Drop off is available on the route shown in the map below, however, to reduce gas consumption and help support our work, we encourage customers to pick up their baskets. Presently, there are pick up points near Senbon Marutamachi and Demachiyanagi station.

Teikei members are encouraged to create their own pick up point by collaborating with their own friends and community. For example, one member can have 3 baskets dropped off at their house for themselves and 2 other members. When there is a minimum of three baskets, we may be able to drop off outside of our route at no extra cost depending on your location.