organization VOLUNTEERS

Thanks for your interest in helping! We are presently looking for volunteers to help our organization with:


1. japanese community integration


As our founder and most active members are not Japanese, we feel a disconnect with the Japanese community in Kyoto. We are searching for someone who can help facilitate and maintain a connection between Midori Farm and the local communities of Kyoto and Shiga. An example of some tasks to achieve this could include translation, media work, and contacting other community organizations. 


2. fundraising & event planning

Midori Farm is a non-profit organization and face the very common problem of raising funds for our activities and programs. Midori Farm organizes events in Kyoto and in the countryside to support our organization and sustainability. If you have any experience or interest in these fields (grant & funding searching and proposal writing, promotion of our vegetable sales and events, etc.) please let us know.


3. potential future projects

Midori Farm is situated next to a community managed campground that was created to help educate the public on nature and Japan rural life. The campground has been fairly inactive, so we are highly motivated to bring life and purpose back to the space. In addition to this, there are other facilities and opportunities available. If you are interested in helping us develop a project please let us know.