HOW to buy our produce


Thanks for your interest in our veggies!  Presently the main way to buy our produce is through our Teikei system, however we sometimes also sell at market and events.




The Teikei system is very similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) approaches. One of the main principles is for consumers and farmers to be equally invested in their food, the farm and thus the environment.  


Teikei members purchase baskets of vegetables ahead of time that will be available throughout the farming season. The vegetables will vary depending on the season and farming conditions. If a large typhoon hits, the basket might be a bit smaller than usual, however when crops flourish, members will also benefit from this bounty.

the benefits

Members can benefit by receiving high quality vegetables and contributing to a local, sustainable and ethical form of agriculture. Teikei members also pay a lower per basket price than non-members.




Particularly in high seasons we sometimes sell at events and markets, such as at Yokai Soho. Please check our Facebook or contact us to find out about events and markets that we might be selling at.


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