Falling Back to Traditional Methods

The Seeds of Sustainability event has passed (thanks again to everyone for coming out!) and it seems that Autumn has arrived up at the farm! Our beautiful midori surroundings have become Japan’s renowned shades of red, yellow and orange.

Photo by Camille Chappuis

Photo by Camille Chappuis

As our winter veggies grow and we get ready for the winter, we’ve also began falling back on some traditional methods (there’s totally a pun in there). Probably because we’ve got some tasty soil, we noticed a lot of weeds coming up in our Kale and Swiss Chard beds. Even with our amazing Workaway volunteers, it looked like it was going to a really tough battle to keep those under control.

Chuck has been long obsessed (understandably) in kidnapping the leaves that are collected as waste throughout Kyoto. He not only wants to save them from the garbage incinerator, but they also make a great “brown” addition to our compost. 



And now when, considering how we can keep the Kale and Swiss Chard weeds under check, Chuck realized there could be another great purpose for these lovely little leaves. 

We’ve begun using the leaves for mulching ! Essentially the idea is to smother the weeds by placing a cover all over the bed except where our veggies are.


So we covered our Kale and Swiss Chard beds with these leaves. The result will hopefully be less weeds, and now our Kale and Swiss Chard look they’ve been tucked in to sleep with a blanket of leaves.





Pauline, our new volunteer from France, helped finish off covering the beds yesterday. She arrived on one of the typhoon weekends, but has now settled in at the farm. Not only is she good at spreading our leaf mulching, but she’s an amazing cook! Keep an eye out for events where we’ll be selling curry and you can taste some of her great magic.



The only downside to our new leaf mulching was finding heaps of garbage in some of the bags. 

Garbage found in only one bag!

Garbage found in only one bag!

But, that’s another story. So here’s one more pic of our Kale and Swiss Chard to lighten the mood ;) Get yours before it’s gone ! Also stay tuned for our notoriously Sweet Snow Daikons!