Seeds of Sustainability Kyoto

Even though the rain had let up, the light mist that was now falling made for much worse visibility. The small droplets covered the lenses of my glasses entirely, so that as I pulled up to Cafe Gaea it felt like I had already had several beers. I locked my bike and stepped inside.

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At the back, in the open tatami room and seated around the long table, are already several of the Seeds of Sustainability organizers crew. Every week, since the sweaty days of summer, a few people have been coming together to try and give birth to Kyoto's first Seeds of Sustainability 3 day event. One of the principal goals of the event is to bring together people that are already working for a more sustainable world. By being able to connect over 3 days of diverse meeting points, organizers hope that residents of Kyoto and surrounding areas can find new ways to integrate new practices into their lives and communities.


"So now most of the big things have been done," says Max, glancing up from his computer. "The past few weeks a lot of things were moving moving, but now we're getting close to the event..." he trails off and makes eye contact with Kya across the table. 

She nods. "I think now we're largely working on the sponsors."

"There's two big ones that haven't come through yet," says Jonas, who is seated next to Max. He doesn't look up from his computer and his eyes scan the entire area of his computer screen, checking his graph of the vendors for the Sunday Market.

"When is the deadline for sponsors?" chips in Raj from the end of the table.

Jonas looks up from his laptop, "Depends how fast I can move my ass."

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As this is the first time this event will happen, it is indeed a little seedling. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and members from organizations such as Inaka Embassy, Smooth Japan and Pecha Kucha have been working hard to help this grow. Midori Farm in particular is responsible for the Satoyama Experience on November 3-4, will make a presentation at the Pecha Kucha night, and will also be present at the Sunday Market.

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To help raise funds for the costs of Seeds of Sustainability, organizers have partnered up with Yokai Soho for a Piano Bar tomorrow night! The event will feature improvisation performances of piano, trumpet, cello, synth, video, dance and a special live painting event. Come have a drink and vegan snack and enjoy with us !